Candles from Soybeans?

That is correct! Soybean wax candles originated in 1997 from a Purdue University Student Soybean Innovation Competition. The purpose of the competition was the “Development of new industrial applications/products/processing involving soybeans or their components through their application to replace existing products/processes.” The soybean candles were the first major commercialized product from this competition.

The Soy Advantages

The advantage of soy wax is that it is a much cleaner burning candle, and a renewable resource. It allows people with allergies to petroleum a healthier option. The soy candles also leave no sooty residue and have a much lower melting point, resulting in the candles scenting a room more quickly.

A Little About Us

Fred and Helen Henderson and Fred’s sister, Virginia Chambers are the proud owners of Harvest Lights. All are retired school teachers and are passionate about their soybean products. The Henderson’s also offer Soybean Science Kits used in schools. The kits help educate students on the variety of uses for soybeans.